Q: What kind of ink does the Can Stamp use?

A: None! It presses/indents the lettering into the side of the can.

Q: I am having trouble getting a clean stamp.  Help!

A: View this video to learn how:

Q: Do you make custom stamps?

A: Not at this time for single/small orders.  We will continue to change and add to the stamps that we offer to minimize the possibility of you running into someone with the same Can Stamp, but you probably wouldn’t want to fork over the dough it would take to get a single custom stamp. No.  Really.  We wouldn’t even let you pay that much if you wanted to.

*For more information on large, custom orders for your business or promotional use, contact us at support@canstamp.com.


Q: Any chance you ship to Canada yet?

A: Canada? Of course. We have been shipping there for a long time. (several days)

Q: I see that any products I buy in one order are covered under the flat $2.99 shipping fee.  Just to make sure, I am only charged $2.99 for the entire order, not $2.99 each, right?

A: Yup.  Order as many or few as you like and the $2.99 covers shipping and handling for the entire order to any destination in the USA by way of the US Postal Service. (Flat $7.49 for Canada)

Q:  I need to mail a product back.  What is the process?

A: Send us an email with your name and contact info as well as which product you are sending back.  Also include the reason for the return and whether you would like an exchange or refund and we will get back to you in a jiff with instructions for the return.  For more info see the SHIPPING/RETURNS POLICY page.