Step 1

Step 1

LET ‘EM KNOW IT’S YOURS RIGHT AWAY: MARK YOUR CAN BEFORE OPENING.  Using a CAN STAMP™ on an opened container will only mash in the side of the can and get you laughed at by pretty people.

Step 2

Step 2

THE CAN STAMP™ PRINTS ON THE UPPER, ROUNDED/CONVEX PART OF THE CAN.  Trying to stamp into any other surface will again, only make folks point and sneer. Your stamp will be most visible on the area of the can with the least printing.

Step 3

Step 3

THAT’S IT. Just stamp slowly and practice.  It may take a few tries to get a perfectly stamped can but boo-hoo, drink your mistakes and keep your focus.  Even a monkey can figure it out by the end of the weekend.

The newest Can Stamp video with outtakes is here! Click to view!
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The CAN STAMP™ is a simple and handy solution to properly identifying your beverage can.  Its raised letters imprint words or symbols into the curved, upper section of the can by simply pressing and rocking the stamp.

Unlike beer bands or charms, which are never on hand at someone else’s house or party, you will always have this can marker on hand when used as a key chain. Unless of course, they are accidentally flushed down the toilet or thrown purposely into a lake.
Don’t want it on your keys? Just slide it into your pocket when you go out or keep ’em in the kitchen drawer near the fridge.


“There were like 300 cans on the table and I knew exactly which 18 were mine!  It saved me a bunch of lost beers and kept me from getting that nasty lip fungus that has been going around.”

-Make-believe CAN STAMP™ user-

We welcome your feedback!
Please let us know what you think of the CAN STAMP™ and any ideas for changes to the product or website that you think would be helpful.

Have ideas for other words you would like to see made into stamps?  Let us know!  We are always looking for new ideas to include in our line of CAN STAMPS™.  (Note: if you have a suggestion for a great word you would like to see made into a CAN STAMP™, remember it must be kept to 5 or 6 letters/numbers/symbols including spaces.)

Any other questions or concerns about anything CAN STAMP™ related, drop us an email at any time.

Every CAN STAMP™ is as American as the cowboy hat or the 900 calorie “snack”.  All of the stamps are made here in So Cal and packed and shipped in house.  Lee Greenwood anyone?

Tips For Use

Your stamp will be most visiable on the area of the can with the least printing

Print Area Tip Print Area Tip